Our Guarantee

Blushing Bridal Boutique only outsources the best suppliers in Europe. We only provide our brides with high-quality luxurious fabrics, unique, modern, fashion forward European haute couture design bridal gowns. The workmanship of our gowns is just amazing! We believe in our quality, cradftmanship, design, and workmanship that goes into the dress making of each gown.  Each of our gowns are speciality hand tailored for each of our brides by the designers of MillaNova and Lanesta in Europe.  All the materials MillaNova and Lanesta uses are top quality, and all the beading and embroideries are 100% handcraft. You can really see the love and passion that goes into every gown designed and tailored by MillaNova and Lanesta. MillaNova and Lanesta gowns are all made in Europe with love!

100% Secure Payment 

We adapt advanced, secure payment.  We accept PayPal.  For other payment methods we also accept squareup. If you would like to use square seccured payment method please contact us  for more information. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Blushing Bridal Boutique considers client satisfaction to be our number one priority and is committed to building trust with all our clients whether they are our customers or wholesalers, and still provide you with high-quality products.  We believe our clients transactions with us must result in an enjoyable, rewarding, memorable and a happy gown shopping experience.